Minotaur Warden


44 HP 18 AC +6 BAB

Avalanch Hammer+1 +9 melee 2D6+6 1 extra [W] damage on a charge

Badge of the Berserker+1 +1 to all saves, ignore opportunity attacks during a charge

Hide Armor, 50ft hemp rope, grappling hook, Adventurers kit


Gore has been sent forth from his forest based tribe to complete his writ of passage. On his departure he was given the sacred “Avalanch Hammer” and the “badge of the berserker” to help fulfill his quest. In order to become an active member of the tribe once again he must bring back the ears of 100 orcs. Luckily he has heard that the dwarven city of Overlook is soon to be under siege by orcs and that they have sent out an official call to arms to the neihboring communities.

During his journey too Overlook he came across a traveling party composed of two humans, a dwarf, and an elf! They too appeared to be traveling too Overlook, and appeared to be a competent party (apart from the elf). Gore charged in from the cover of the woods lifted the suprised elf off the ground and shook him, threatening to use him as a decramental ornament for his horns. After this brief show of force Gore asked if they were going too Overlook, to hunt orcs. When they said that, yes indeed they were he let the elf down and asked if he could join them.

They agreed….


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